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Elementary Rodeo Art Winners

Elementary Rodeo Art Winners

On Monday, January 14, the elementary students of Cypress Christian had the privilege to participate in the annual Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Competition. This year, there were 46 private and Christian schools represented. The competition was for elementary through high school, with 900 pieces of artwork entered. CCS elementary students won nine blue ribbons, five red ribbons and had one finalist in the competition.

The placement of the ribbons is as follows:

  • A white ribbon can be considered as “good.”
  • A red ribbon can be considered as “better.”
  • A blue ribbon can be considered as “best.”
  • Above blue ribbons are those who are called “finalist.” A finalist is among a group who are under consideration for the best of the best. Those who receive the top honors are “gold medal” and "best of show” and will be displayed at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo.

Students awarded:

Grade 3: 

Anna Isaac - Blue Ribbon, Max Bernhart - Finalist

Grade 4: 

Azekah Sandhu - Blue Ribbon, Lauren Bueche - Red Ribbon

Grade 5:

Blue Ribbons - Madeline Boctor, Rachel Czagas, Autumn Elkins, Preston Elliott, Sophie Fransen, Addy Lawrence and  Ellie Wisenbaker

Red Ribbons - Corinne Keim, Aidan Leonard, Maddy McKnight and Zak Wright

Congratulations students!