K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Eighth Grade U.S. History Student Podcasts

Students in Mr. Colchado’s eighth grade U.S. history class completed a research project that resulted in their very own podcast episode covering the American Revolution. The objective of the project was to identify a significant person and a battle that made a significant impact on the outcome of the revolution. With the research, students created podcasts that are informative and fun. Students worked hard from November 2-20 producing their very own podcast episode using Sound Trap, which is a robust music/podcasting online software. Mr. Colchado is proud of each student for the effort and creativity that was put forth.

We hope that you enjoy listening to these student-created podcasts:

Zach Burns

Brady Fisher

Ryan Fisk

Audrey Fransen

Melody Janz

Gray Layton

Marley Murray

Kelsey Perrin

Jonathan Quarles

Nicole Santos

Katie Schmitt