K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Code Blue Comes to Life Through Exhibits and Laboratory Work

Seventh-grade students celebrated the completion of their work in Code Blue with a trip to the Houston Health Museum. Here, students got a chance to view larger than life models of the heart, ear, colon and skeleton and visit the many interesting exhibits that related to the use and care of the human body.

Additionally, students had a chance to get a very detailed lesson about the parts of the eye, how it works and how different problems are addressed. This session concluded with students having a chance to dissect a cow eye and see firsthand all of the amazing parts of the eye.

Lastly, students put on a lab coat, gloves and protective glasses to work in the DeBakey Cell Lab. This is a true lab that is equipped with five stations where students can perform various experiments. These experiments included swabbing their cheeks to make a microscope slide of their cheek cells, DNA extraction from wheat germ, analyzing sheep’s blood, testing microbial cleaners on bacteria samples and testing for enzymes in saliva. Students did a great job of independently running these experiments and only called on the lab professionals if they needed assistance. Our great time at the museum ended with lunch and relaxation at the nearby park! Many thanks to our 7th grade teachers who make awesome chaperones!