K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

CCS Senior Releases Children's Book

Senior Koedi Nealy had a vision at age seven to help others by using what many people overlook or undervalue, pennies! At age 13, she founded Graced Ministries, a non-profit that has provided over 5,000 ‘Graced Packs’ to homeless men and women in Houston, sent 30 children to camp and contributed to many outreach projects. Koedi is a guest speaker and has spoken at The Met Church, Living Word Church and the church of CCS teacher, Dr. Morales. She shares her story about how her love for pennies inspired a dream to be a world changer. Every person matters to God and everyone at any age can do something significant to make a difference.

Koedi has recently published her first children’s book, Pennies from Heaven, which is a true story of how she began her journey of helping people ‘one penny at a time.’ The book can be purchased online at Target, Barnes & Noble, Walmart and Amazon.com or by texting PENNIES to 56525.

Visit GracedMinistry.org to learn more about how she is challenging people to create change with change.