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CCS Bible & Art Teacher is Best-Selling Author of Devotional Book

Coach Greg Bretz has been a part of CCS for over 13 years as a baseball coach, Bible and art teacher. He enjoys cultivating students’ creativity in graphic design, cartooning and art. Recently, he published a book called Worship Graffiti Faith Building Activity Journal that encompasses each of these passions. The book has been on the top 100 list for Teen & Young Adult Christian Devotional and Prayer books. Published by Halo Publishing International, the book is already one of their best sellers and Coach Bretz has been named a Halo Ambassador and will be a featured guest on their podcast.

Worship Graffiti has activities equipped to give a creative outlet to study God’s Word and to learn about His love. If someone is struggling, discouraged or simply needs a fun and inspiring activity, they will enjoy this book. Coach Bretz is hopeful that the book will be used as a discipleship tool in youth groups, for missions and in other ministries to share the Gospel of Christ. The book will soon be translated into Spanish, which will allow it to be used for international missions. What a blessing it is that Coach Bretz is using his God-given talent in this way!

Worship Graffiti Faith Building Activity Journal may be found at Halo Publishing International, Target, Walmart, Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com.