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Calculus Honors Derivatives Game

Calculus Honors Derivatives Game

The Calculus Honors class had fun with derivatives by creating board games. Each team determined the style and structure of the board game they wanted to create. They also had to decide what makes a board game fun. 

The board games included:

  • A written description of the basic idea of the game and how to win the game
  • A list of specific derivatives and the answers integrated into the board game
  • A specific description of how the calculus will be an important part of playing and winning the game
  • A rule book describing the gameplay of each team’s game so that a new player would be able to understand how to play the game
  • An explanation of the general derivatives rules so that a player unfamiliar with these patterns would be able to play the game

The class spent a day playing each team’s games to sharpen their derivatives skills.