K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

AP Capstone Seminar Course

Cypress Christian School has implemented the AP Capstone program to train students in self-directed academic research, to craft persuasive presentations and to effectively construct arguments. Students in AP Seminar (the first course of the AP Capstone program) have conducted research this semester on the impact of social media platforms, population theory and hydraulic fracturing, among others. ough the research process, students develop skills for evaluating the quality and credibility of the sources they discover. As the students compile quality research to support their claims, they learn to create presentations that are both stylish and competent. 

The AP Seminar course provides a foundation of transferable skills for the student to meaningfully engage in a range of academic interests. As students encounter contemporary, practical issues, they are equipped to view the on-going debate through a variety of perspectives that will allow them to access complex problems with specificity and confidence. Mr. Leonard, the current AP Seminar teacher, said, "I absolutely love teaching this course because the student-driven topics of study create such a great atmosphere of debate and critical thinking. And, being a witness to student growth and development in the classroom is almost better than Christmas break...almost."

Do you have interests in the world that you would like to study, but don't have the time?

Do you have strong opinions about a topic, but no credible research?

Do you want to conquer your dislike of public speaking?

AP Capstone is for you!