K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

ACSI Area Elementary Math Olympics

Eighteen elementary students, grades 3-5, performed in the Area ACSI Math Olympics last month. Students competed in both reasoning and computation math skills against many other private schools in the Houston area. We are so proud of their accomplishments and hard work.

Third Grade

  • Paxton Malone - Reasoning (4th place)
  • Dylan Holleman - Computation (1st place)
  • Aiden Leyrer - Reasoning (2nd place)
  • Lorelai Waller (not pictures) - Computation (3rd place)
  • Mia Barbato - Computation Recognition Award
  • Katherine Shappley - Reasoning (4th place)






Fourth Grade

  • Hunter Wanic - Reasoning Recognition Award
  • Gabriel Aziz (not pictured) - Reasoning (4th place)
  • Sierra Davey - Computation Recognition Award
  • Ava Yaw - Computation Recognition Award
  • Faith Laidlaw (not pictured) - Computation Recognition Award








Fifth Grade

  • Emma Estrada - Computation (4th place)
  • Anastasia Harkless - Reasoning Recognition Award
  • Jane Belanger - Computation (2nd place)
  • Addison Wilhelm (not pictured) - Computation (3rd place)
  • Chelsea Scott - Reasoning Recognition Award
  • Owen Layton - Reasoning (4th place)