K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

7th Grade Learns Vocabulary Through Game Play

Recently during in-service, Dr. Witschonke led a workshop challenging teachers to use games in the classroom as a different mode of instruction. Games promote healthy competition, challenge students to think on their feet and get them up and moving. Students learn while having fun, which is a win-win for teachers and students.

Mrs. Baldwin's seventh grade English students tried their hand at a modified “Catch Phrase” game to prepare for their vocabulary quiz. A competitive spirit filled the room as the three teams battled to defeat their opponents. The goal was for each team to get their teammates to correctly guess vocabulary words by giving clues in 30-second increments. Clues might include the reciting the definition, creating a sentence with a fill-in-the-blank for the vocabulary word or using motions to act out the word. Students tallied the number of words accurately guessed in each 30-second round. When all of the words in the basket had been guessed, the team with the most words won and earned a coveted prize. Students were allowed to review the words and definitions while one team was guessing. The competitive spirit motivated the students to really learn the words so they would be prepared to give helpful clues to their teammates! Laughter and learning abounded simultaneously. Thanks to Dr. Witschonke for inspiring CCS teachers to make learning fun!