K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

2020 Elementary Spelling Bee Winners

On November 19, CCS elementary students competed in grade-level competitions to determine first, second and third place winners in grades 2-5. The winners from fifth grade moved on to compete in the CCS “Spell-Off” where they competed with middle school spelling bee winners to determine first through fifth place winners for all of CCS. We are very proud of their hard work and effort!

  • Second Grade: 1st place - Eisley Pereira, 2nd place - Ruth Kamau, 3rd place - Jacob Knox
  • Third Grade: 1st place - Alianah-Grace Kahanek, 2nd place - Vivian Arthur, 3rd place - Giada Arcidiacono
  • Fourth Grade: 1st place - Danyel Joseph, 2nd place - Gabriel Aziz, 3rd place - Harmony Smalls
  • Fifth Grade: 1st place - Kira Farrington, 2nd place - Jane Belanger, 3rd place - Emma Estrada