K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

2018 Secondary ACSI Art Competition

On Friday, April 6, Cypress Christian School artists competed in a regional art competition hosted by Faith Academy in Bellville, Texas. Grades 7-12 had 24 entries among 18 schools that participated in ten or more different categories of art. These were the results:

Gold Medal Winners (Superior rating)

Eun Ju Seo (7th grade) Drawing Black & White and Mixed Media

Abigail Sanders (8th grade) 3D Sculpture and Relief

Justin Kostecki (8th grade) Digital Photography Color

Brittany Hough (9th grade) Digital Art

Gabby Kostecki (10th grade) Printmaking

Molly Mitton (11th grade) Mixed Media

Nathan Frye (12th grade) Miscellaneous Art


Silver Medal Winners (Superior rating)

Adrian Nimri (8th grade) Drawing Black & White

Jillian Welch (10th grade) Drawing Color

Delaney Heath (11th grade) Drawing Black & White

Tessa Bodukoglu (12th grade) Mixed Media


Bronze Medal Winner (Ssuperior rating)

Claire Achterkirch (8th grade) Drawing Color


Superior Ratings

Gabby Kostecki (10th grade) Mixed Media

Emma Muehlenbrock (11th grade) Drawing Black & White


Excellent Ratings

Michael Slabic (8th grade) Drawing Color

Madelyn Frye (9th grade) Sculpture

John Macune (9th grade) Sculpture

Jillian Welch (10th grade) Painting

Tessa Bodukoglu (12th grade) Painting

Nathan Frye (12th grade) Drawing Color

Taylor Mohr (12th grade) Drawing Color

Good Rating

Marie Xideris (9th grade) Painting


Congratulations to all our CCS artists on a job well done! Continue to use your gifts to glorify God in all you do.