K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

2018 Middle School Awards

Middle School students and teachers gathered on Monday, May 21, for the annual end-of-year academic awards assembly.  Students were honored for accomplishments in the following categories:

  • Excellence in the Classroom awards for recognition of diligence, participation and contributions to the classroom throughout the school year
  • Principal’s Honor Roll awards for class grades of 90 or above for quarters 1-3
  • Duke Talent Identification Program Scholars for taking the SAT or ACT college entrance test during grade 7
  • Accelerated Reading grade winners for the number of reading points earned throughout the school year
  • Daughters of the American Revolution Youth Leadership Award to the 8th grader selected by the faculty for exhibiting the qualities of leadership, scholarship, and courage
  • Grace Macune received this award
  • Academic Excellence Awards were presented to the student in each grade with the highest grade point average during quarters 1-3
  • Winners of these awards were:
  • Grace Macune for grade 8
  • Eun Ju Seo for grade 7
  • Keaton Barbisch for grade 6
  • Christian Character Awards were presented to one boy and one girl in grades 6 and 7 who consistently exhibit Christian character throughout the school year
  • The faculty selected the following students as winners of these awards:
  • Gillian Storey and Zach Thibodeaux for grade 7 
  • Owen Witschonke and Macy Murray for grade 6
  • Sword & Shield plaques were awarded to the two grade 8 students who exemplified the goals of CCS athletics throughout the year.
  • Recipients were Grace Macune and Andrew Smith