Society Membership

The school is incorporated in the state of Texas as Cypress Community Christian School Society, Inc. Cypress Christian is operated by a Board of Directors elected from and by the membership of the Society. Members act as the corporate shareholders. The majority of the Board of Directors is elected by and from the membership of the Society and is accountable to the body.

The Society is an association of born-again, Bible-believing school parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni parents, alumni grandparents, employees, and spouses who meet the requirements for membership. The Society's by-laws invest the Board with the responsibility and authority to "administer the affairs of the school." The Board sets the educational and business policies of the school and charges the school's administrator to execute these policies and provide leadership and supervision for the faculty and staff.

Society meetings are held in fall and spring of each year. The meeting in the fall is to report on the school and conduct business, and the meeting in the spring is to conduct business and elect new board members. Application for membership in the Cypress Community Christian School Society, Inc. must be made annually before the Board meetings (since membership applicants are approved by the Board of Directors) preceding the Society meetings.  School families may join via RenWeb.  Other eligible members may download the application below and send to the school. Questions may be directed to Sheri Kendall.