K-12 Private Christian School in Northwest Houston, TX

Livestream Learning

If a student is unable to attend on-campus classes due to COVID, we are offering a livestream option. Students in the livestream option are held to the same academic standards as students on campus.  

Livestream Option - Elementary

Livestream learning will only be provided in the event that a student in grades 2-5 has a confirmed exposure to COVID or a confirmed COVID diagnosis. Kindergarten and first grade students will not be livestreaming. The teacher will communicate Seesaw assignments as needed. Click the Elementary Livestream Guidelines below for more information.

Livestream Option - Secondary

Livestream learning will be provided only if a student in grades 6-12 has a confirmed exposure to COVID, a confirmed COVID diagnosis or advanced email approval from the division principal. Advanced approval must be confirmed at least two school days prior to livestreaming. For illnesses other than COVID diagnosis or exposure, students will be counted as absent. Absence policies for make-up work will be followed. Click the Secondary Livestream Guidelines below for more information.

General Expectations
  • All students in grades 2-12 will be issued a Chromebook for use on campus and at home. 
  • Each CCS classroom is equipped with a livestream camera and Bluetooth audio capabilities for teachers. 
  • Attendance requirements are the same as they are on campus. 
  • Livestream students are required to wear a CCS uniform.
  • A student, either on-campus or livestream, should expect all class assessments, participation, academic rigor and behavior expectations to be consistent.
  • Elementary students will use Seesaw for their learning platform. 
  • Secondary students will use Schoology for their learning platform. 
  • Quarantining of COVID-exposed students and staff will be required. Classes or groups of individuals may be required to quarantine to stop community spread.


Updated 8/5/2021

All information herein is subject to change related to or based on new information, changing environmental conditions or government mandates relating to COVID-19.