Dress Code

2013-2014 Uniform Information

Dear CCS Parents,

Please download the 2013-2014 Dress Code Letter which includes uniform updates for the new school year and vendor information.

CCS Principals: Dr. Christopher Witschonke | Mrs. Iva Nell Rhea | Mr. Robert White

In an effort to (a) accommodate our students, (b) to assist our families, and (c) maintain adequate and appropriate uniformity, the following Dress Code applies for the 2013-2014 school year.

The school’s dress code is designed to facilitate an environment that helps the school achieve its primary goal - building Christian character and academic competence. The cooperation of the student and the parent is necessary in maintaining the standards of the school’s dress code. Dress code violations will be recorded, and repeated violations will result in appropriate disciplinary action. Coming to school each day with clothing in compliance with the dress code is a responsibility of both the student and the parent.

There are several other important reasons why a uniform is required at Cypress Christian School:

  1. To dispense with competition due to outward appearance and affluence.
  2. To de-emphasize outward appearance and stress, in its place, the need for inner beauty and character development.
  3. To limit the distractions and focus on learning.
  4. To enhance school spirit.
  5. To allow students to demonstrate a submission to authorities placed over them.

     Dress Code Guidelines and Approved Garment Flyers

CCS Dress Code Guidelines  
Dress Code Letter to Parents for 2013-2014  
Elementary Boys Dress Code Guidelines Elementary Girls Dress Code Guidelines
Secondary Boys Dress Code Guidelines Secondary Girls Dress Code Guidelines
Senior Boys Dress Code Guidelines Senior Girls Dress Code Guidelines

Parker Uniform Company is the main source of uniforms for CCS and continues to offer excellent customer service. Their alteration/custom uniform options, discounts, uniform styles and various sale dates, along with their proven history of providing garments that wear well is a great value and benefit to school families. All uniform garments must meet CCS Dress Code Guidelines. Parker Uniforms offers discounts on purchases throughout the year including purchases at the CCS summer sale.

Parker Approved Garments Flyers  
Parker Uniforms-Girls-Elementary (available through Parker) Parker Uniforms-Boys-Elementary  (available through Parker)
Parker Uniforms-Girls-Secondary  (available through Parker) Parker Uniforms-Boys-Secondary  (available through Parker)

Lands' End Uniforms can also be worn at Cypress Christian. Garments may ordered via phone, mail or on-line. (Click on logo below to be directed to the L.E. web site.) Lands' End offerings allow our students and families a bit of variety to their wardrobe with added fabric types and styles. A percentage of all purchases from the school catalog and school web pages will be given back to CCS. Please use Cypress Christian's Preferred School Code 9001-0114-8 when ordering. All uniform garments must meet CCS Dress Code Guidelines.

Lands' End Approved Garments Flyers
Lands' End K-12 Approved Garment Flyer (available through Lands' End)
Warrior Warehouse

Families may purchase spirit wear from the CCS Warrior Warehouse. Students may wear spirit wear on Fridays and other approved days.  Please see Dress Code Guidelines for further details.

  • Location: Operations Building (White House)
  • Hours: Monday – Friday, 8:00am – 4:00pm

Warrior Warehouse items include:

  • Spirit Wear shirts and hoodies
  • Cypress Christian logo bags, umbrellas, car shades and more
  • Warrior Wares – stadium blankets, baseball caps, visors, water bottles, koozies, hairbows and headbands
  • Quick need school supplies: pens, pencils, poster boards, and Bibles

The Warehouse will accept cash, check, or credit cards. You may also choose to bill your school account.

Go, Warriors!