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One Act Play Performance - Antigone in Munich

Cypress Christian School’s advanced drama class had the honor of performing for our secondary student body this Wednesday during chapel. Their show, Antigone in Munich, will also be performed for CCS families at The MET Church Student Building on Saturday, October 23 at 6 p.m. Click here to purchase tickets.

The performance chronicles the life and events leading up to Sophie Scholl’s interrogation in Berlin, Germany during the time of World War II. Sophie (played by McKenzie Davenport and Alli Crawford), her brother, Hans (played by Jacob Moran), along with their friends (Trevor Otts, Gia Granato and Avery Connelly), create pamphlets speaking out against national socialism and the Hitler Regime (Robert Mohr, played by Jackson Murrill) - while questioning “What happens when the laws of man contradict the laws of God?”

Full cast and crew credits are pictured! We are so proud of you, Warriors! We cannot wait to see your hard work pay off at district competition. Special thanks to all the CCS parents and Marit Broussard for their unwavering support and encouragement throughout this process. God has blessed these students beyond measure, may all the honor and glory be for Him and His kingdom.